Friday, March 18, 2011

Recipe Roundup

Cast Iron Skillet This is week fourteen of the weekly Recipe Roundup, where I post the online recipes I've used over the past week.

  • Acorn squash quesadillas - Note: this is not a vegan recipe but is easily veganizable. Jeff and I made this with some homemade flour tortillas, and used Buffalo Mostarella from The Uncheese Cookbook instead of cow cheese. I liked the squash filling but I didn't think it was "taco" enough, it just didn't wow my tastebuds as much as most Latin inspired cuisine does. I think that would have been solved with salsa (as the recipe suggests and we didn't make) or guacamole. Also, this recipe made me realize how much more I like corn tortillas than flour. Finally, I wouldn't recommend using the Buffalo Mostarella cheeze with these quesadillas, as the flavor doesn't really meld with that of the squash filling. I think your favorite vegan cheezy sauce will probably do just fine if it's not too strong.

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