Sunday, September 11, 2011

We're starting to see signs of autumn here in Boston, and Jeff and I went to do a first round of harvesting in our garden. For a last minute crop addition, our carrots were very successful. My mother got us these carrots from the Hudson Valley Seed Library, and we were pleased to see the carrots are all different colors. Unfortunately, I really dislike carrots unless they are cooked to make them no longer taste like carrots. I think we will pickle these with some daikon radish and ginger. After Hurricane Irene, Jeff and I were pleased to discover that our garden came out unscathed. Sadly, the copious amounts of rain the following week have. Over saturated our garden, and made a lot of our tomatoes and peppers rot on the vine. Even so, this years crop is much bigger than last years haul of a few dozen green tomatoes. This year so far we've had eggplant, carrots, bell and cherry peppers, pole beans, and tons of tomatoes. Each year we learn something new. This autumn we are excited to plant some seed garlic we got from the Vermont Garlic Festival. We'll see how things go!