Sunday, November 28, 2010

Recipe Roundup

Cast Iron Skillet This is week nine of the weekly Recipe Roundup, where I post the online recipes I've used over the past week.

  • Pickled Watermelon Radish - I picked some watermelon radishes up at the last farmers' market we'll be having in Boston until late May (sad), and decided to try them pickled. By about three days later Jeff was already wolfing them down so I'd say this recipe was a success. By the way, four smallish radishes made a quart of pickles so I doubled the recipe. That didn't leave enough liquid to cover the radishes so I just filled it to the top with water after adding all of the other ingredients.

  • Cranberry Fudge Pie - I veganized this by using the cream from one can of coconut milk instead of cow cream. This was such a huge hit at Thanksgiving and I was almost worried that all of my non-vegan relatives would gobble it up before I got a slice. Although I wound up putting most of the cranberry sauce on top I would definitely tone it back (maybe more than the 1.5 cups it calls for though) as the bitterness from the cranberries tends to dominate over the sweetness from the fudge.

  • Tofu Turkey - Jeff and I made the tofu turkey recipe on this page. We did it last year as well and I'd say it makes an excellent recipe for Thanksgiving!

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  1. The Cranberry Fudge Pie was delicious. I could go for another slice now.