Sunday, November 1, 2009

Vegan White Hot Chocolate Recipe

White Chocolate What's a vegan who loves white chocolate to do? I've tried to make my own, but have never gotten this recipe to work, even after five or six attempts. Fortunately, Cosmo's Vegan Shop carries white chocolate chips, and they had a booth at this weekend's Boston Vegetarian Food Festival. I bought five bags and stuck them in my freezer.

I decided to make some white hot chocolate last night, and there are a lot of recipes out there that call for heavy cream or half and half, but I decided to just keep it simple.

Vegan White Hot Chocolate
Yield: 1 Serving
1 C soymilk
1/4 C white chocolate chips
1/8 t vanilla extract
1 oz Kahlúa (optional)

Heat up the soymilk in a saucepan, and when it starts to get foamy, add the chocolate chips. Whisk it until it melts and combines with the soymilk. Add the vanilla extract and taste. If you like a stronger vanilla flavor, put in a bit more extract. Pour into mugs and enjoy! If you'd like a more grown up version, I added a jigger-full of french vanilla Kahlúa, and it was divine.

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  1. The white chocolate cocoa sounds delicious! But, is kahlua vegan? I always thought it had dairy in it.

  2. Kahlua is vegan, Bailey's is the one with cream in it.

  3. I never thought of making white hot chocolate like that, it sounds so easy. We can buy vegan white chocolate at the supermarket, so I think I will be trying that this weekend.


  4. Your recipe sounds delicious. I think the Kahlua is not optional, It is a must!