Saturday, October 30, 2010

Recipe Roundup

Cast Iron Skillet This is week six of the weekly Recipe Roundup, where I post the online recipes I've used over the past week.

  • Vegan "Cheese" Breadsticks - Simple and delicious. I skipped the onion and added a drizzle of olive oil instead, and used a heaping tablespoon of roasted garlic. This is seriously the easiest yeast breadstick recipe ever, and you could whip them up an hour or so before dinner.

  • Thai Coconut Soup - A good choice when Jeff and I wanted soup and didn't have much produce to use. I skipped the peanut butter because I personally hate that stuff.

  • Acorn Squash Alfredo Sauce - This meal was very simple, tasty and the best part is that it made enough for left-overs so I didn't have to worry about making lunch the next morning. I would probably use only 1 tbsp or less of the mustard as I feel that flavor somewhat overwhelmed.

  • Tomato Soup - This soup was very tasty, and simple to make. Next time I'd probably peel the tomatoes first as the peel (even blended) has a magic ability to get stuck in my braces.

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