Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Angora Cafe and Super 88: Packard's Corner Vegan Havens

Angora Cafe on Commonwealth Ave at Babcock St is now carrying soy frozen yogurt!

Similar to the Amsterdam Cafe in downtown Boston, they throw a vanilla soy soft serve into a machine, mix in whatever flavors you want (there are 30), and then give it to you. My favorite is green tea. SO good.

The price is pretty steep: $4.50 for about 1/3 of a pint, but it is truly delicious and refreshing if you need soft serve. Sometimes I do. For more bang for your buck, go to the Amsterdam Cafe, where for a similar price you get a full pint of the stuff and a beautiful neighborhood to walk through.

On to Asian supermarket fabulousity!

When we first moved to Lower Allston, we heard from many friends that Super 88 in P.C. was on its way out. Very little food on pallets and shelves, not much to speak of that was vegetarian. It sounded like the most disappointing shopping trip ever.

Lo and behold the Hong Kong Supermarket! It has taken over the Super 88 and restocked the shelves with tons of vegan goodness. Lots of tofu for an incredible price (even the locally made Cambridge tofu), frozen pot stickers and buns with veggie or lotus seed or red bean paste filling, oodles of noodles, aisles and aisles of sauces and dips, including the beloved Sriracha, and of course tons of Asian produce for a good price. Just bring a jacket-it's freezing in there.


  1. I finally went to Angora earlier this week and the soy soft-serve was gooood! I haven't had soft ice cream since way before I went vegan. Nice find!

  2. I live next to Angora. Never been. Seems like no one in Boston wants to carry vegan froyo or ice cream with the exception of Fomu and Amsterdam Cafe. Good to know that there is another place I can go to. Hopefully as I'm typing in the year 2013 they still have soy yogurt! Ever been to Blue State Coffee? It is very near Angora and has excellent vegan breads and cookies.