Thursday, April 1, 2010

Weird Stuff: Miracle Fruit

It's April Fool's Day, and I've managed to survive without getting my cubicle covered in tinfoil or finding out that Jeff has been married for 10 years, but I did get to eat some weird stuff today. The pub at BU was selling miracle fruit for 5 dollars a tab (yes, they do come in tablets, to compound the weirdness). While at first I thought it might be an elaborate hoax, I quickly realized that it was legit when Jeff was able to practically drink Tabasco sauce.

The pub offered a spread of sour offerings: lemons, limes, banana peppers, pickles, grapefruit and the above mentioned Tabasco sauce. After letting the tablet dissolve on my tongue I dove into the lemon, which was almost like eating a pie, except I knew deep down inside somewhere it was sour and should have made me pucker up. My favorite offering was the banana peppers. Soaked to the bone in vinegar, they were nevertheless sensationally sweet.

While the miracle fruit is a processed product, something I wouldn't consider buying, it was definitely an interesting experience of how strange nature can be. A fruit that makes sour things turn sweet is certainly a great trick for April first. :)

Miracle Fruit on FoodistaMiracle Fruit

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