Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Go Max Go Candy Bars

Edit on 6-22-2009: A commenter has pointed out that I misread the response I obtained from Go Max Go. The soybeans may very well be GM, as they do not specifically purchase non GM soybeans. This means that if you eat a Go Max Go candy bar, you are very likely eating GM soybeans.

I read about Go Max Go candy bars on a post at BitterSweet Blog and was instantly intrigued. When was the last time I've eaten a candy bar? And I absolutely loved Three Musketeers bars before going vegan.

I was instantly skeptical, however, and immediately went to the website for more information. Nothing in the bars is organic, and I was curious as to whether or not the company used genetically modified soybeans and if they knew if the soy lecithin was processed with hexane or not. I sent an e-mail to the company and got a reply back:

Thanks for your interest in Go Max Go. Our soybeans are not certified non gm. As for the soy lecithin, we truly do not know if it is processed with
hexane solvent. Ingredients such as soy lecithin are purchased for our use after they have been processed. Just as when you buy a bottle of olive oil, you are not involved with the pressing of the olives.

I'm glad that they don't use genetically modified soybeans, although I'm sure that the soy lecithin is processed with hexane. I'm sure if these candy bars were available in stores around Boston, I'd probably buy a few and try them out. However, I'm not dying for candy bars enough to go through the hassle of online ordering.


  1. I could be wrong, but the way that I understood the message that they sent you was that the soybeans that they used are not certified as not genetically modified...am I reading it wrong. Sounds like they are not very passionate about creating a healthy vegan product...

    Akron, OH

  2. Looks like I skipped over the first not in that e-mail. What a slip! I will edit the post.

  3. Our candy bars contain soy products derived from soybeans (there are no whole soybeans in our bars) and these specialized ingredients are not available certified non-GM. So it's not like we have a choice in the matter. As for "healthy" vegan products, someone already created them: fruits and veggies. If you want a great tasting vegan candy bar, buy one of ours. : ) Go Max Go